Bluebird Brand - Firewood App

Project Firewood App is an app dedicated to finding firewood in your local area, and educate about wood and forestry. 


The brand for this app will be called "Firewood Fox".


The slogan will be "Find Firewood Fast!"


The website is


Additional websites are


Other choices:,,,


Logo Designs: 



The purpose of the app is to build out a model of the best case scenario of a functioning firewood industry, direct to consumer from processor. 


The app would function as an inventory tool for local firewood suppliers. These processors will have the ability to market their products and sell to individuals seeking their services locally, or prepping for their vacation in a different area. 


The app will provide delivery tracking as well, for both provider and buyer. 


A best use scenario is as follows: A family camping decides to have a fire, but don't know where to find good firewood. They download firewood fox, and search their local providers. Upon choosing types of wood and delivery location, a purchase is made, and the product is loaded and delivered. The best case scenario is for the app to provide firewood to a buyer within an hours time, faster if possible.


There is a chance we may also provide stations that people can pick up wood from themselves, and allows us to reload when necessary. This will allow us to provide 24 hour wood needs when needed most.