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What exactly do you do again? 

I get this a lot, so I thought I would clear up any confusion!


I build stuff; homes, offices, businesses, apps, websites, hardware, and technologies.


I solve problems. 


Although I am entrepreneur most of the time, I do help other entrepreneurs solve problems that they run into. My experience spans everything from real estate and construction all the way to making apps for IOS devices. A hackerMaker. I understand the hardware, and the software side of things, and can convey how those particular things tie into a business that works best for an entrepreneur or a business.


I understand the frustrations that different teams and clients work with, and translate the unknowns in a way that everyone understands.


So whether it is working on my own projects, or helping you with yours, I personally can provide the following help to you or your company:


  • help you buy or sell real estate, including commercial and industrial (Managing Broker in IL)

  • build your next construction project or home rehab

  • build your new garage, hackerspace, shop space, makerspace, mobile workplace.

  • help you set up your initial businesss/website and all the basics

  • help explain technology and apps to streamline your business operations

  • build and develop a product

  • develop a business around your product

  • build an app or an app solution for both Android and iOS

  • help you build out a strategy for your business

  • help you sell your business to a qualified buyer

  • develop your next brand

  • expand your brand or operations into the European Union by investing/locating in Poland. 


And if you mix all the above in a variety of ways, you'll get what is called a strategy or plan, and I can help with that too!


If you are seeking help with any of the above, I can arrange a time to meet and discuss your opportunity further.


Thank you!



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